Wattio is a branding project for a solar panel company located in Mexico; the main challenge here was creating a solid branding strategy that could make Wattio stand out of the competition but at the same time keeping the image of being serious, efficient and trustworthy in the sector of solar panels. 


The brand name “Wattio” aims to recall the concepts of power, energy, and strength, as well as the core message “powering your future”. We thought that linking the brand personality to such a recognizable person as James Watt, could locate the brand in a position of solidness and seriousness, along with the transmission of the company's objective to influence positively the world through the increasing usage of renewable energies.


Wattio’s founders wanted to make sure that clients saw them as real consultants, which means experts that could help them through every step of the  process. Consequently, we made sure to explain the concept throughout the branding strategy, making Wattio result as a real ally to count on from all points of view. 


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