Paulet Lozano Nutrición

Paulet Lozano Nutrición was a branding project for the doctor nutritionist Paulet Lozano, who needed consultancy for designing a brand  that could perfectly fit her profile of expert in the field of nutrition for the opening of her own studio.


Paulet Lozano is not just a professional, our aim was to represent the doctor in a real branding concept that people can explore, dive deep into and find what they are looking for. The studio’s objective is to support and help people to find a healthy lifestyle rising their wellbeing as much as possible.


Most of the clients get to know the studio and its services through the internet, therefore we had to create a website that could be a good “business card” to present the embody of the brand: the doctor Paulet Lozano, showing what she has done during her successful career and the services that the studio gives, transmitting the image of being a serious, trustworthy and efficient.


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