Lovo Bar

Lovo is a branding project born with the idea of giving a fascinating personality to a bar, creating a concept that could be outstandingly different from the other bars in Madrid.

In order to do so, we created the brand by fusing three main concepts: Josephine Baker, the Roaring Twenties and the Wolf; a curious trio that aims to transmit the passion for the night, which unites people who are looking for a good experience when the sun goes down.


The essence of Lovo Bar is embodied by Josephine Baker, the icon of extravagance and unconventionality for excellence. A woman who is not scared to get out of the schemes and express art in her own iconic way.


When people enter Lovo Bar, they can smell the fragrance of elegance and excess that only an atmosphere inspired by the roaring twenties can transmit.


The wolf is the crucial element to complete the personality of Lovo Bar: a mysterious but fascinating animal that only comes out at night and embodies the wildest and deepest part of the human being's soul that is trapped in the schemes of everyday life but that at Lovo bar shall feel free to come out in all its splendor.  


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