Boom Boom Ciao

Boom Boom Ciao represented a transformative rebranding endeavor for a restaurant situated in Malsaña, Madrid, showcasing the comprehensive 360-degree service provided by Estudio Tentaciòn. The task at hand involved a complete overhaul of the brand, encompassing the renaming process, the design of a fresh logo, the development of a captivating new storytelling, and a holistic revamp of the interior aesthetics.


A big challenge surfaced with the client's explicit directive to entirely reshape the brand concept. This encompassed not only the visual identity but also an extensive transformation of the physical space. Additionally, our efforts extended to crafting a tailored digital marketing strategy, aimed at introducing the revamped restaurant with entirely new content and styles. The objective was to engage a different target audience compared to its previous clientele.


The essence of Boom Boom Ciao is deeply rooted in the captivating history of the Giannini, a gypsy family that began its journey in the 1930s, compelled to flee their homeland due to wars and persecutions. Embarking on a global odyssey, the family traversed various countries, drawing inspiration from each cultural encounter. This rich tapestry of experiences served as the foundation for the creation of Boom Boom Ciao—a symbolic haven where the vibrant amalgamation of colors, flavors, aromas, and collective experiences from their global sojourns comes to life. The restaurant stands as a testament to the fusion of diverse cultures, offering a sensory celebration of the unique encounters that have shaped the family's narrative.


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